North Raleigh CrossFit: 12/08/18

December 7, 2018

9 am class only! Shoulder Clinic at 10 with Brian from Xcel Movement!


Walking Barbell Back Rack Lunges:
3 x 20 (10 each leg) @ heaviest as possible, rest 2 min b/w each set

*Warm up properly and work you way up to heavy weight as usual!


*Partner Workout*

5 Rounds:

Min 1: 1 partner does ME Pull-ups while the other partner does a static hang from the bar
Min 2: 1 partner does ME ABMAT Situps while the other partner holds bottom position of air squat
Min 3: 1 partner does ME KB Snatch (24/16 kg) while the other partner holds static ring hold

*If one partner stops to rest the other partner must stop or drop also. Every time a partner stops or drops the partners switch places

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