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Look closely at each position in these pictures. (You can click on the pics for a bigger image.) Think about your technique and where you are having issues.  One of the best ways to learn  is to film/watch your own lifts and to watch other lifters.  Don’t ever feel silly asking someone to film a lift for you.  I will often sit my phone down at a 45 deg angle and record my lifts. The more you watch the more you begin to see. 🙂




15 minutes to work on Snatch technique.

NOTE:Pick one or two your worst positions and work there (1st pull, transition, hang from hip, hang from knee, power, snatch balances) Do not get heavy.  This should be light and pretty.  And work SLOW!


Team Workout:

(Workout from SuperFit Atlanta)

8 Min to establish a Max Complex:
1 Squat Clean + 1 Front Squat

Teams will have 8 minutes to work up to a max complex between each teammate. The complex must be performed without dropping the bar.

***The Kicker***
Teams will have the option to start the workout with as many burpees as they want! For each burpee, teams will receive 2 lbs added to their total complex weight. However, once teams begin their complex attempts, they MAY NOT do any more burpees.

***For Example***
If Team A begins the workout by doing burpees for 4 minutes, they will have the remaining 4 minutes to reach their max complex.


2 Rounds:
20 Seated Parter Wallball Side Tosses (2×10 each side)

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