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June 16, 2013


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The squat and deadlift cycle begin this week.  We’ll be slightly modifying the Hatch Squat Cycle and we’ll be following the Scott Yard Deadlift cycle with the exception of the speed days.  The reason we aren’t doing the speed days is because we will already be doing plenty of cleans and clean pulls. For the HBBS you will need to find your 1RM from last Monday (June 10th) and take 10% off of it.  All of your percentages for the HBBS will be based off that number.  Example: If your 1RM is 200#, you will base your percentages off of 180#. You will not do that for the front squats, only the HBBS.  As always, we will need to stay focused and keep moving during class in order to fit everything in the hour.  Have fun, but work hard and watch the clock!  🙂  Oh, and squats will be Mondays and Wednesdays, and deadlifts on Saturdays.


1) HBBS:
1×10 @ 60%  – Rest 90 sec
1×6 @ 75% – Rest 90 sec
1×4 @ 80%

Notes: Remember to base HBBS percentages off of 10% of your 1RM.  

2a) Front Squats:
1×5 @ 60% – Rest 45 sec.
1×5 @ 70% – Rest 45 sec.
1×5 @ 70% – Rest 45 sec.
1×5 @ 70% – Rest 45 sec.

2b) 4x ME UB Strict Pull-ups – Rest 45 sec.


15 Rounds for Calories:
Row 30 Seconds for Calories
45 Seconds Active Recovery Row

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