Tell us a little bit about your experience at your first CrossFit competition.


The Superfit Competition was my first CF competition and the best part was having a great partner to share the excitement, anxiety, and of course workouts with.  A couple of years ago I never imagined I would do a competition and am super proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. Prepping for the competition helped me to stay focused and work towards a goal. My diet was better, I pushed myself to lift heavier during WODS, and attended class consistently. I was surprised that the 8-9 minute workouts during the competition felt like 2 mins. Also didn’t even notice  a crowd watching during the WODS which I was worried about. I knew where our CF friends and Geoff were and that’s who I saw. I never knew my body could work so hard so fast, thank you Adrenaline. Hardest part was after each workout bringing my body back down from the adrenaline rush. I would def do another competition.  A friend told me the day of the competition “get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” So true.



Tell us about your 3 dogs.

I’m officially a crazy dog lady. Geoff and I have three furkids. Two Labradoodles – Libby 7yo. and Layla 8yo., and Chief our Great Dane 1yo. The smallest one Layla, my shadow, rules the roost. Libby the middle child is the biggest lover ever.  Chief aka Big Cheese, walks the best on the leash and squeezes himself into the smallest space on the couch. Dog hair don’t care.



You work at Duke Ortho. What’s the craziest injury you’ve seen.

The craziest injuries I have seen were actually when I did Orthopedic trauma in Pittsburgh.  I have seen a leg that got caught in a boat propeller, picked up a leg from the OR table and it pretty much bent in half (I’ll just put that back down now thanks). The craziest injury really is one that involves the most amazing outcome. An awesome 14yo was accidentally shot in the leg by a shotgun that his friend was cleaning. Over two years later, and literally more than 20 surgeries, his leg was salvaged and he currently works as a Fireman. This kid never complained… pull your panties up life could worse and more painful.


How long have you been at NRCF?

I have been here since November 2014.


What is your favorite memory at NRCF?

My 8:15am class.

Thank you, Jess for being such a dedicated member of NRCF! You bring so much fun to our community, and you’re consistently one of the hardest workers in class! We appreciate you!






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