First, and most important question – Italian or Mexican food?

Mexican food.

Good choice, Dave.







If you could go to any concert, get backstage passes, and party all day and all night with the artists (dead or alive) who would it be?

When I was ten I wanted to be an architect or a conI’m not a big music person so this is a tough question. I’m one one of those people who has never really gone to concerts. I’ll go with Daft Punk.


You used to do CrossFit at another gym in the area when I coached there. Can you tell us a little bit about your decision to make the change from CrossFit to Bootcamp?


I did CrossFit at the other gym for five years and was feeling kind of burned out. I was not working out often enough to justify the cost and I had lost my motivation which was my own fault. I was also dealing with some intermittent back pain where I kept on tweaking my back doing random things. I took a break for working out entirely for a few months, but that did not help my back issues. I decided to ease back into working out with bootcamp and made the switch to Ashley’s gym since she had always been one of my favorite coaches. I liked that bootcamp had a set schedule, that you signed up for two months at a time, and that you were encouraged to let Jonathan know if you could not make it. Jonathan has been a great coach and friend and I have enjoyed the camaraderie of my fellow bootcampers. My original intention was to only do bootcamp  1 or 2 cycles and then maybe switch to regular CrossFit, but after 11 months or so I’m still bootcamping. I still miss some of the strength training and Olympic lifting though. Lately I’ve been trying to get to bootcamp a little early to try to include some of that before the bootcamp workout.


For all of the night owls out there, is working out at 6:15 as bad at is sounds?

Back in my CrossFit days my favorite workout time was 11:30am, but my work schedule eventually changed such that I could not reliably workout then anymore. It was hard for me to motivate myself to workout early in the morning. Working out at 6:15am sounded horrible at first, but I have gotten used to it and I start my day more energized on those days. My dogs have been training me to be a morning person anyway so this is just an extension of that.


What have you learned about yourself since starting CrossFit?

I am really bad about locking out anything heavy overhead whether it be OHS, Snatches, or handstands. That is something I still want to improve. I am really good at double unders since I have had so much time to practice them over the years. I’ve never been athletically gifted, but my health is important to me and I enjoy working out in a small group. For me personally, I don’t get caught up with comparing my lifts or my times with others. By showing up and doing the work I’ve already won.



Dave, thank you for your consistency and your hard work in the gym. Even in our old 11:30 CrossFit class I could always depend on you to be there! We appreciate you very much, and are thankful that you’re part of our growing community!






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