7/06/2016 July’s Athlete Spotlight is Ashley Freeman!

March 9, 2017


We’re making a band. And you’re in it. What instrument are you playing? And what are we calling ourselves?!

I would have to say that I’m playing the drums. I love to play loud music with a good beat and I feel like I could be super aggressive on the drums haha! I would call us the Flexual Healing, because really? Why not?



What did you want to be when you were 10 years old?

When I was ten I wanted to be an architect or a construction worker.  I loved building things and making things from scratch.  I wanted to design beautiful and creative buildings with all types of secret compartments. I soon found out that my handwriting skills were terrible and my ability to draw was even worse haha, but admire the work of others who possess this talent.


Do you remember when you started working out at NRCF?

I remember my first day at NRCF about 2 years ago.  I was so nervous and the gym seemed very intimidating. I attempted my first ring dip with a large green band for support.  My hand slipped off the ring and the band slapped my right across the face.  My eyes were watering bad (I promise those were not tears ;)). Everyone was so nice and supportive though I could not help but continue to come back day after day.


What inspired you to give CrossFit a try?

I have always wanted to give CrossFit a try but I was scared. I came from a background of power lifting which including only three lifts (squat, deadlift, and bench press) and all other cardio type movements were strict and few and far between. When I finally made the move to Raleigh a friend of mine had spoke wonders of what was then known as Marvel Strength and Conditioning. I decided to give it a try with a couple of girl friends of mine and I never looked back. I feel in love with the gym from day one.  I loved the community lifestyle and all of the amazing support from fellow lifters. I cant imagine ever leaving this style of fitness.


What’s been your favorite CrossFit memory so far?

The great thing about CrossFit is the ability to track your progress. I remember coming into the gym and seeing all of these wonderful athletes doing things I have never seen or imagined. I remember seeing people doing muscle ups and thinking that was an impossible task, and one that I would enjoy watching others do from my safe spot on the ground. My favorite memory of mine was the day during the CrossFit Open when I decided to run the clock out by attempting bar muscle ups. I had been practicing them for what felt like a lifetime with little progress. I got my first bar muscle up during this workout with the encouragement from all of my fellow lifters. It was a moving experience and I was overwhelmed with emotion. I felt like all of my hard work had finally paid off, and I realized that with hard work and determination obstacles can be overcome.


Thank you so much, Ash, for being such an awesome member of our gym. I always love having you in class. You have the most amazing attitude and you’re always so fun! 🙂 Our gym is blessed to have you as a member!






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