What is a typical day in the life of LindsEy Boggs like outside of being a ROCKSTAR CrossFitter?

Busy. Between being a wife, mom and a career-driven sales professional, my days are literally insane. I’m a self-proclaimed workaholic and am often traveling the country for conferences, trade shows and meetings.






Tell us about speaking in front of 20,000 people in Vegas all while becoming BFF’s with Shaq.​

The whole thing was surreal. I was prepared for my 45-minute breakout session at the LinkedIn conference, a goal I set in 2015, but had no idea about the Shaq encounter until 2 days before the conference. I got a call from the head of marketing letting me know I had the highest SSI (social selling index) score and was asked if I’d be willing (ha) to get on stage and attempt two free throws in front of everyone. I’ve never played basketball in my life (or any sports for that matter) and never in a million years expected to get both shots in. The whole thing is still surreal to me, but just remember in the practice round only getting 2 out of my 10 attempts, so I knew the chances were slim. On stage, a place I’m very comfortable having a background in opera, I transformed into the role I needed to be and got them both in. Shaq had the best hug after my 2 shots were thrown in and the crowd went wild for me – meeting him and getting him to sign the basketball I threw afterwards was icing on the cake. It was definitely a day I’ll never forget in my career and life.


If you want to see the the free throws, click here.

If you want to read about my entire experience, click here.



If you could sing one song at the Super Bowl halftime show what would it be?​

Assuming my vocal cords are dusted off since I last sang in public (2006 was my last performance), probably Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod). That piece used to put everyone in tears when I performed it. But it would probably put the audience to sleep since it’s a Super Bowl audience 😉



What have you learned about yourself since you’ve started doing CrossFit?

I am stronger than I ever, EVER imagined. The mere fact that in this questionnaire it has the word “athlete” in it is mind-boggling. I have never, ever, done sports or anything athletic in my life. I’ve tried so many different things whether it be a diet, or a FitBit challenge, or a gym membership and I never stuck with any of them. As I reflect on the reasons why, it all comes down to strength. I didn’t have the mental strength to keep going on my own. With Crossfit, I’m now strong both mentally and physically.


What would you tell someone who’s thinking about coming to check out NRCF, but just hasn’t taken that first step into the gym.

I started on April 1, 2015 and my biggest advice is this: Give. It. Time. This is NOT a quick fix. You will not see results in weeks. TAKE PICTURES. Taking pictures has been my saving grace. While the scale may not change, photos tell the entire story. I take photos every 90 days diligently and the transformation is ongoing. Set goals. Set small ones and large ones. My first goal was to make it 3 days a week, and my longer-term goal was to go 100 times in 2015. I succeeded both of those goals and now go 5 days a week and went OVER 100 times in 2015. Now, for 2016 I have different, but attainable goals: my first ever pull-up and toes-to-bar. One of the biggest successes for me was holding myself accountable and taking photos every time I went to class and posting them on Instagram. I even made my own hashtag so I could go back and see the workout each day. Putting yourself out there to your social network and holding yourself accountable in public was huge in my success. Ashley truly cares about helping you achieve your goals and there is a modification for every single exercise – believe me, I’ve used all of them! Crossfit has forever changed me for the better and coming from someone that has never been athletic in my life, trust me when I say: “If I can do it, you can do it”.


Thank you LindsEy for being a part of the North Raleigh CrossFit family!  You’re one of the hardest workers in the gym, and your positive attitude is contagious!​






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