12/08/2016 December’s Athlete Spotlight is Ryan Kretchmer!

March 9, 2017


What would your autobiography be titled?

Hmmm, I would have to title it, “Stumbling About: My Life, Times, and Thoughts”.

What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

“Sarcastic Workplace Wallpapers”

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

Well, I am not sure “Magic” would count so I would have to go with Telekinesis probably.

Sorry, but I just have to add that that makes me think of, “It’s not magic, Michael. It’s an illusion.”




If you could pick a workout with all of your favorite movements and lifts, what would that workout be like?


I like simple things that you can go all out on, so it would probably look like the below:

10 Back Squats @ 95#
10 Box Jump Overs
10 Deadlifts @ 225#
200m Sprint (as in not jogging)


When did you begin working out at NRCF? And was it magic at first workout or what?

I began 3 years ago in the spring, about two weeks after I moved to Raleigh from New York. I would say that it was love at first workout because the people were great, it was casual, and the workouts actually made you feel as if you were pushing yourself.


The only bad part was it was HSPU and I had never done a handstand before, so I got up and immediately fell onto my neck lol. I am pretty sure Ashley laughed at that too…

And duh. Yes. I laughed. 😉


Thank you, Ryan for being such an integral part of our gym! We are very thankful to have you as part of our crazy family at NRCF. 5:00 class isn’t the same when you’re not there! 🙂

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