8/04/2016 August’s Athlete Spotlight is Steven Strouble!

March 9, 2017


If we could play a victory song announcing that you “won” the August Athlete Spotlight, what song would you choose? 

These first two are probably more like overcoming some obstacle victory song. So I’d play these if I won a gold medal or a championship, “We Made It” – Busta Rhymes ft. Linkin Park, and, “Touch The Sky” – Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco.

These other two are Soca songs, which are more happy and celebratory of life in general. I might play these when I wake up in the morning and I’m looking forward to having a victorious day, “Allez” – Teddyson John, and, “Cheers to Life” – Voice.



Hold up. Steven, you “WON” the August Athlete Spotlight. What are you talking about “IF” you won a gold medal or championship? :I


What is your favorite book or book series?

TRVL Magazine (the iOS app) is probably at the top of my reading list. They do a great job of writing about places from a cultural perspective and not only do they have great photos, but they include information about how the photos were taken. There are quite a few stories on their website as well. (http://trvl.com/stores/)


In a zombie apocalypse, what three things would you take with you from your home?

An iPad, solar charger, and LiPo power banks. (I’d download all the the zombie apocalypse literature and survival music that I need before leaving.)


You are a regular 7pm class member. Does working out that late every keep you up at night?

That’s probably a bad question for a nocturnal person like me. I can’t remember a time in my life that I actually went to sleep during “normal” hours. Lol. I rarely am in bed before 12am. I do feel it’s difficult for me to sleep at nights that we don’t have class though.


When did you become a member of NRCF, and what was your first class experience like? 

That feels like ages ago, despite being less than a year. I remember being relieved that it wasn’t awkward. I have always relied on sports to try and stay active, mainly soccer, and I have never been to a gym. Absent of team activities, it takes me a while to really become social with people. I don’t remember the workout, but I remember being glad that interacting with everyone was pleasant.


Thank you, Steven for being a member of NRCF! I love having you in class, and even though you may not laugh on the outside I know you’re secretly laughing on the inside. 😉

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