This month is your 1 year CrossFit Anniversary mark. Congratulations! In what ways do you feel like CrossFit has helped you make progress towards your fitness goals this past year?


The ways that CrossFit has helped me make progress towards my fitness goals this past year were by helping to dramatically increase my strength, slowly bring back my stamina, and improve my energy for keeping up with my children. More times than not I’ve been able to as a heavy guy get some skinny guy flashbacks on occasion and it’s all because of CrossFit.






You are one of our most consistent members in the gym. Do you ever have days like the rest of us where you really don’t want to workout? 

The only time that I never really want to workout is when I know that I didn’t get enough rest the night before.



What is something that the rest of your CrossFit pals may not know about you?

Something that the rest of my CrossFit pals may not know about me is that I’m very nervous around goats. When I was a kid on a field trip to the Brooklyn Zoo, a goat snatched and ate my self-made name plate from right around my neck. I didn’t scream, I just stood very still for a few seconds, and fought back the urge to pee on the spot.


Who is your favorite artist or band? Why?

My favorite artist is Michael Jackson. He was the most naturally talented entertainer of all time on every level and an even greater humanitarian (in his lifetime he donated more money than he ever earned).


What would your perfect WOD be? All of your strengths and none of your weaknesses.

My perfect WOD would consist of a mix of back squats, deadlifts, box jumps, bench press, medicine ball toss, double unders, and then finished off by the heavenly invention that is the foam roller.


Thank you for being our April Athlete, Kenrick! And thank you for coming in the gym everyday and being so coachable. You are a hard worker, and a great example for everyone!






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