9/06/2016 September’s Athlete Spotlight is Andrea Sinko!

March 9, 2017



What is in your most frequently used emoji tab?

All smileys because life is an emotional adventure, but that is what makes it worth it!  All the encouragement and congratulations, because people are awesome, put themselves out there, and do amazing things. All the celebrations, because everyone deserves to be celebrated, not just on their birthday, but everyday!




What did you want to be when you were 10 years old? 

A Travel Agent. I would get flight books, yes back then they were actually paper books with all the flights listed, from the airport. “Playing” Travel Agent, I would go through the books finding different flights that would go to fun destinations and create itineraries.


If you could pick a color from the crayon box to be you, what would it be and why?

Blue Green! It is calming, and also reminds me of water and two of my favorite places. Seneca Lake in Upstate New York and Marco/Naples, FL on the Gulf of Mexico. My dad and step-mom happen to have a house on both, and I am extremely lucky to visit both places and spend time with family while doing so.


What are your favorite and least favorite movements and/or lifts in CrossFit?

All the CrossFit movements and lifts are beneficial and have their purpose. That being said though:


My least favorite movement would probably be Double Unders simply because mine are very inconsistent, and when you miss it hurts. I am determined to get better at them, despite my clumsy incoordination.


My favorite movement would probably be Hand Stand Push-ups. There is something about being upside down that makes me happy, and it has health benefits reducing pressures on the body.


Coincidently, both movements are the ones that take me the longest to get through during a workout. Funny how those can be my least favorite and most favorite for different reasons.


When and how did you get started at North Raleigh CrossFit?

My first official workout was 11/03/14. After being a runner and completing 2 half marathons, and trying Barre for a while, I wanted to find a more well-rounded form of fitness. I had heard about CrossFit and thought I would give it a try. My sister knew to search “strength and conditioning”, as opposed to just CrossFit so she found NRCF (then Marvel Strength and Conditioning) doing a search from Colorado and gave me the name. I felt right at home my first time there. After 22 months at NRCF now, it is hard to imagine myself anywhere else, and I can’t see myself ever doing anything else for fitness other than CrossFit. Every workout is different so you are never bored, and there will always be room for improvement no matter what your level. The community class aspect can’t be beat, and it is the most effective form of fitness I’ve ever tried.


Andrea, it has been so awesome having you part of NRCF for the past 22 months! We are so fortunate to have you as one of our members. We love your work ethic, dedication, and passion for fitness! Thank you!


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